Discover the Martingale system to bet on roulette

Discover the Martingale system to bet on roulette

The Martingale system in roulette is very successful for many. When it comes to casino, the first game that comes to mind is roulette. As well known as it is traditional, the game of roulette is the main attraction in many casinos around the world.

In many places, even to play this game the player needs to dress properly in an evening dress, such is the importance of roulette.

Martingale system of roulette bets

In this article, we will introduce you to a betting system called Martingale in roulette, very useful for roulette beginners.

What is the Martingale system?

In 1934, the famous French mathematician Paul Pierre Lévy developed a betting method based on the theory of probability. He called this system the Martingale .

In general, this system applies only to “outside” type bets whose odds are 1 to 1 (odd or even; red or black; high or low). The idea is for the player to start with the minimum bet allowed and double the amount with each loss. If you win, restart the bet from the minimum amount.

It is important to say that this system produces small profits. So the player needs to play more times to accumulate a satisfactory amount of money. That is why it is ideal for beginners. Learn about the variants of this system.

Classic martingale

The classic Martingale basically consists of this strategy of doubling the bet with each loss until winning and starting again from the minimum, as explained in the previous point. The profit here can be up to $ 10 profit. The downside is that the player can quickly reach the table’s maximum bet limit. So, look for tables with the highest maximum limits.

Great Martingale

A little more daring, the Great Martingale variant in roulette follows the same betting logic as the classic version. However, here the player will add $ 1 when doubling the bet, that is, if he started with $ 5 and lost. In that case you will have to double to $ 10 + $ 1, that is, $ 11. The advantage of this bet is that the value of the win can go up to $ 13.

The downside of this version is similar to that of the classic version. But with the particularity of also increasing the loss in the defeats.

Inverted Martingale or Paroli System

Usually more common among players who are slightly more experienced. This version is simply the reverse of the logic of the classic Martingale system. Here, the bettor will double the bet in case of victory and will restart the strategy if he loses. It must be said that this strategy is much riskier, but it can also bring much greater benefits.

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